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Be Like a Waiter and Ask for the Order

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  April 10th, 2018

Ever notice how busy waiters manage their customers?

They always ask for the order! “What would you like?” “What can I get you?” “What do you prefer today?”

In contrast, think about the results if they were wishy-washy, explaining every menu item in detail, but never asking for action.

It would unnecessarily lengthen the experience for everyone involved… …Just like a sales call.

Ask yourself, “Do I just finish my presentations, or do I ask for and invite action at the end?”

Sadly, many sales reps invest plenty of time working up to the action phase of the call, then stop short of asking for commitment.

They volley control back to the prospect/customer, when, in fact, like a restaurant customer, your prospects want to be led with requests and suggestions.

When it comes time, close.

ASK. Get commitment.

Without movement, nothing happens..

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