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Key Outcomes

By the end of this training course, your delegates will:

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"I’ve been on a number of sales courses/workshops, but Kevin’s was by far the best & produced results across the team immediately. Engaging, Inspiring, and Personable best describe our time with him. He is able to engage with people, break down a number of common barriers to successful prospecting, and simplify the process hugely. He was also able to work with us to help improve our follow-up & conversion rate. He’s a very likeable guy, experienced, and has really helped accelerate our team."

Jacob Wardrop - 28Hands

"Not at all what I expected. It was moti­vat­ing, infor­ma­tive and it refreshed what I knew. I came out with a more pos­i­tive atti­tude and more cus­tomer aware­ness. A good bal­ance of the­ory with inter­ac­tive par­tic­i­pa­tion, a very good train­ing experience."

Avril McKenna - Thorn Lighting

"Hav­ing attended many courses pre­vi­ously, I was sur­prised at how much new infor­ma­tion and how many new tech­niques were presented. I have stated implementing the system straight away and already I am seeing some excellent results!"

Michelle Smith – Keytech

"Before your training I was struggling to find new leads, I had no motivation and I had exhausted all my data. The biggest com­pli­ment I can give you is to tell you that fol­low­ing my atten­dance on the course, I have secured meet­ings with ten prospec­tive new clients! So thank you very much"

Lydia Owen – OSP Heathcare

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