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What Our Clients Say

Find below a selection of feedback from our clients and attendees from our workshops.


Kevin is an excel­lent trainer and deliv­ered the course with pro­fes­sion­al­ism yet in a relaxed man­ner that ensured our employ­ees con­nected with the course con­tent. Kevin has a very per­son­able man­ner and I would highly rec­om­mend him and the Touch­stone Leads team to other busi­nesses. We are already in the process of arrang­ing fur­ther train­ing with Kevin!

Thea Edgar– Edgar Brothers

A very infor­ma­tive day, a clear process for any­one to fol­low to ensure a suc­cess­ful out­come. A moti­va­tional course to inspire you to really make a dif­fer­ence back in the workplace.

Kevin is a bril­liant speaker, knowl­edge and info he deliv­ered was rel­e­vant and interesting.

Fos­ter Denovo

Very good inter­ac­tive ses­sion– not just chalk and talk. Got a real feel for Kevin’s expe­ri­ence and his real world exam­ples were very useful.

Thank you.

Alas­tair Frater– Sav­ille Consulting

Not at all what I expected. It was moti­vat­ing, infor­ma­tive and it refreshed what I knew. I came out with a more pos­i­tive atti­tude and more cus­tomer aware­ness. A good bal­ance of the­ory with inter­ac­tive par­tic­i­pa­tion, a very good train­ing experience.

Thorn Light­ing

I found your work­shop incred­i­bly infor­ma­tive, inter­est­ing and very worth­while. Your enthu­si­as­tic approach and style of teach­ing made the day whizz by and ensured every­thing you taught us really stuck.

The biggest com­pli­ment I can give you is to tell you that fol­low­ing my atten­dance on the course, I have secured meet­ings with five prospec­tive new clients! So thank you very much

Lydia Owen – OSP Heathcare

Being a trainer and coach myself, I am a bit crit­i­cal of train­ers and I have to say Kevin was excel­lent. Really great, per­son­able style – expe­ri­ence shines through – really moti­vat­ing. I love the con­stant chal­lenges through the work­shop – which means we don’t get away with being a ‘Coaster’.

I really liked the slides. The visual images and short bul­let points kept my atten­tion through­out – which is some­what of a chal­lenge usu­ally. It was made rel­e­vant to each of our roles with the ‘action’ points through­out – deliv­ered in a pro­fes­sional and friendly way, a good advo­cate for the lead gen­er­a­tion company.

Joanna Reynolds – New Habits Ltd

Even though I don’t work in sales I found the work­shop very infor­ma­tive and a lot of the points can be applied to my job role also. The work­shop was deliv­ered in a way that included all roles so didn’t feel out of place. Very well explained and not rushed. Lunch was good. I really enjoyed the day.

Fiona Pea­cock – Smith Young

Great! I learnt a lot from the whole ses­sion, would rec­om­mend to any­one. Learnt things I had never heard of! Great guy, very knowl­edge­able, a great inspiration.

Terri Ward – Assured Ltd

Over­all the work­shop has given me more con­fi­dence in tak­ing calls at work. I am fairly new to the com­pany so still unsure on the ques­tions I should ask to get the response and infor­ma­tion I require to pass on to the sales man­agers. The work­shop has def­i­nitely given me an insight in to cold calls and how to gain leads — I was unsure of this before. Kevin pre­sented the ses­sion excel­lently and got his point across well.

Jodie Ellery – Peo­ple Safe

Infor­ma­tion and tech­niques given from Kevin was very inter­est­ing, which I feel will 100% help improve both my results but also my over­all con­fi­dence. Big thanks to Kevin.

Oliver Peak — Tow­erLight UK Ltd

Bril­liant loca­tion, excel­lent lunch, all sec­tions were inter­est­ing and worth­while, bril­liant tutor. Thank you

Angela New­ton – 02

The course was very affec­tive and given me some good points on how to over­come obsta­cles I face on the tele­phone. Infor­ma­tion was deliv­ered well and clear for me to understand.

Michelle McG­lynn – MFH Engi­neer­ing (Hold­ings) Ltd

I think the work­shop was very infor­ma­tive and has taught me a lot. It has also gave me more con­fi­dence for being on the phone and being pre­pared for phone calls.

Jess Foley – Strictly Education

Very use­ful, made me think and strip down what I usu­ally ask and how I usu­ally deal with clients and their objec­tions. Lots of inter­est­ing tools to take away and implement.

Claire Hughes – Yan­dell Media

Well worth attend­ing. It pro­vided some good prac­ti­cal sug­ges­tions and rec­om­men­da­tions that I plan to put into practice.

Richard Smith – Verifile

The work­shop has been the best train­ing pro­gramme I have been on. I will be imple­ment­ing all from today from my team to improve quan­tity of appoint­ments. I will be also be speak­ing with MD in re: email cam­paigns using emails.

Kim Jones – Assured Ltd

Great, some points I have come across before but they have been talked about in more detail and I feel more con­fi­dent in using dif­fer­ent approaches and tech­niques. Don’t close the call imme­di­ately as they say not inter­ested as I feel this could be a key in our indus­try to mak­ing peo­ple realise faults in their cur­rent sup­plies empha­sis­ing what we can do to them.

Kylie Walker – Vic­tory Design

It was very enjoy­able and infor­ma­tive. I have learnt many things that I will use every day at work and make me more proac­tive and pro­duc­tive. Thank you

Sharon Math­ews – RIT­TAL Limited

Fun — liked the think­ing bits, nice how every­one got involved rather than just the louder peo­ple by Kevin ask­ing us directly. Not com­pletely rel­e­vant to my job but can see how peo­ple can ben­e­fit from ideas.

Tracey Bell — Scrip­ture Union

Gave me plenty of ideas to take back and apply. I liked it how we kept relist­ing what we learnt, as it has helped me remem­ber the content.

Emily Relill — Calver­ton Finance

Very use­ful, made me think and strip down what I usu­ally ask and how I usu­ally deal with clients and their objec­tions. Lots of inter­est­ing tools to take away and implement.

Claire Hughes – Yan­dell Media

Whilst this course wasn’t directly applic­a­ble to myself I found it an inter­est­ing work­shop with use­ful key skills to apply to tele­phone calls. Even though the helpdesk has a ‘cap­tive audi­ence’ it’s impor­tant to remem­ber that they need to want to ring us and to be wel­com­ing. Kevin engaged every­one in the work­shop and made me feel at ease.

Jill Wood – Sheffield Hal­lam University

I found the work­shop very help­ful. Kevin gave me direc­tion in my deal­ing with cus­tomers. Thank you.

Denise Mel­lor — Uni­plex UK

Very enjoy­able expe­ri­ence and insight to over­com­ing fears regard­ing mak­ing calls. Gives you con­fi­dence with ref­er­ence talk­ing to peo­ple on a daily basis.

Aiden Sharpe – Alpha Recruitment

Very inter­est­ing and engag­ing course with many prac­ti­cal and use­ful ideas to try out. Increased con­fi­dence in my own meth­ods and restored my faith in the mer­its of cold call­ing. Kevin pro­vided the course in an enthu­si­as­tic and enter­tain­ing man­ner and I found him to be incred­i­bly help­ful and inter­est­ing. Would def­i­nitely attend another Touch­stone course.

Lau­ren MacMillan-​Warren – Sap­phire Consultants

Very use­ful in how to talk and come across on the phone. Very good points to go away and imple­ment within my role at the com­pany I work for. More con­fi­dence with being on the phone using a structure/​bullet points. Tone, enthu­si­asm, etc. Thank you!

Matthew Hoare – James Coles & Sons (Nurs­eries)

Fan­tas­tic! Lots of points cov­ered which are rel­e­vant across all sec­tors. Use­ful infor­ma­tion which I will actively use in con­ver­sa­tions, I now feel more con­fi­dent and armed with good tips and tech­niques. Enjoyed the pre­sen­ta­tion, slides are infor­ma­tive and Kevin spoke from expe­ri­ence which is very valuable.

Grace Knighton — Leices­ter­shire Edu­ca­tion Busi­ness Company

Extremely help­ful. Using the infor­ma­tion gained, I can per­son­alise my sales approach. I have taken away more con­fi­dence in my abil­ity to pur­sue busi­ness oppor­tu­ni­ties and hope to imple­ment skills that I have been shown today asap.

Lucy Macken­zie — Amphe­nol Antenna Solutions

The work­shop over­all was very infor­ma­tive. The open ended ques­tions are going to be well used. All the sec­tions were an eye opener. I have attended other courses through­out the years but this was the only course that will help in my role. Other courses weren’t as tai­lored as this one.

Claire Mer­rick – MicroCAD

I’ve found the work­shop so help­ful and refresh­ing. Obsta­cles I thought I could not get around have proved to be solv­able. I have taken so many things away with me today.

Megan Har­bon — Moda Group Ltd

Impres­sive and infor­ma­tive. I don’t use the tele­phone all day at work, I mix it in with my other respon­si­bil­i­ties, but I strongly believe what I have picked up today will help me in a wide range of activ­i­ties, includ­ing sell­ing prod­ucts and appoint­ments over the phone, as well as sell­ing and pre­sent­ing face to face.

Craig Ben­son — Vick­ers Busi­ness Sys­tems Ltd

I enjoyed the work­shop and found it a refresh­ing change to the nor­mal dreary sales courses. The group was inter­ac­tive which helped and Kevin was very clear with his pre­sen­ta­tion and specifics.

Nicola Bas­tow — Deb­o­rah Ser­vices Ltd

I found the course very inter­est­ing and it held my con­cen­tra­tion. I was able to adapt what I was given to my work­place very eas­ily. I feel I am leav­ing here with more con­fi­dence and ready to pick up the phone.

Claire Gor­don – Star Temps

Really pos­i­tive – the work­shop has been very infor­ma­tive and encour­ag­ing and has given me a lot of info to take away and use.

Emily Packer – Har­vey and Hugo

Was a fun, relaxed, infor­ma­tive ses­sion. Talked through many objec­tives and how to over­come them. Was really useful.

Rhi­an­non Waite — Due North

Very good, picked up a lot of tech­niques we can take away for our busi­ness. Infor­ma­tion which can be passed on to my team.

Phillip Crab­tree – Arnold Laver

If you want to improve your sales, take the course. Really enjoyed my time today.

Jamie Stafford — James Cham­bers Tim­ber Merchants

I enjoyed the ses­sion and feel I have picked up some great tips and tech­niques. Will def­i­nitely be using these in the future.

Neil Aitchi­son – Lowes Hall

Good, very infor­ma­tive. Kevin has good tech­niques and finds great alter­na­tives. Changes your way of think­ing and get out of the ‘rut’.

Melanie Weath­er­burn — The Build­ing Main­te­nance Company

This was very easy to fol­low and I took a lot in. Will take what I learned back to my work­sta­tion and use it.

Car­olyn Wing – Pick­er­ing Lifts

Well paced, infor­ma­tive, to the point and highly rel­e­vant. The work­shop really hit home with most of the prob­lems I have had sur­round­ing email campaigns.

Katharine Hawk­ing – Fin­chale College

It has re-​focused my thoughts and per­haps even changed my per­spec­tive of what I believed peo­ple wanted to see in an email (par­tic­u­larly a cold email).

Lisa Rid­ley – IT Pro­fes­sional Services

Thought pro­vok­ing and cer­tainly sets the stan­dards for what we should be doing. I will def­i­nitely use some of the meth­ods included.

Jan Arm­strong — The Spe­cials Lab­o­ra­tory Limited

Hav­ing attended many courses pre­vi­ously, I was sur­prised at how much new infor­ma­tion and how many new tech­niques were pre­sented. Really enjoyed the work­shop and actu­ally I am look­ing for­ward to plan­ning next call­ing session!!

Michelle Smith – Keytech

Good deliv­ery and nice to learn but not have roles plays, learnt more with this approach to work­shop. Kevin help­ful in relat­ing to the indi­vid­u­als industry.

Emma Cave – South­wa­ter Event Group

I have enjoyed the work­shop and feel it has helped me to pre­pare and be aware of what I will be fac­ing in my new sales role. I now know ways to deal with dif­fer­ent types of calls and the best ways to tackle prob­lems that I’ll be faced with!

Tayla Byrne – RoSPA

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